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One small step for man ..

and a 'pausal woman, plus kids and a dog.

Suitcases conversation
Many aspects of The Grand, Northam

Buying the Grand 4 years ago was a leap of faith and there are many I'm sure who think we're quite mad. But over the last few weeks we've been ticking off some fairly big milestones. Things that have been the culmination of a lot of hard work and great vision by the Grand K. Nothing visible to the outside world but enough for us to look at each other and say, "You know what this is ACTUALLY going to happen VERY SOON"

Not that we've ever doubted ourselves but the journey has been so long, so many ' "If it were easy everyone would do it" moments.

So much has been happening behind the scenes.

As the building had lapsed into a residential property we went through the process of changing zoning to a commercial property and justifying why we don't need 250 parking bays. A submission including numerous justifications, explanations and putting our vision down on paper. Our local Shire has been supportive every step of the way.

After quotes of $20k++ to write a Liquor Licence application, (yes, you read that right) we produced an 80 page cracker of a plan ourselves and were successful in being awarded a conditional Licence. The objectors have been won round now they see what we're about and that its not about opening a 24hr gambling drug den with side serving of immoral earnings.

We've arranged a crane to pick up (literally) our railway carriage and spent countless hours at auctions creating our chesterfield sofa family which now stands at 12 plus a 5.8m bad boy situated in the carriage; add a Bohemian crystal Chandelier , cosy nooks, real fires, a deck that can seat 50 comfortably plus a 200m2 lawn and now you're talking about a venue that can attract people from Perth and the surrounds to take a day trip to Northam.

We've converted the landscape of sand to a multi layered family friendly lawn and deck which when we are fully open can cater for approximately 250 people. Whether that's a Sunday session listening to an acoustic musician, a private function or a mix of parties, family gatherings or catch up with friends. It'll all be possible without the distraction of TV screens and the provision of good food and lively conversation.

So watch this space people. It's been a long 4 years to you; even longer to us. We've said it before but this time paperwork is being prepared and you better be ready.

We're about to trapeze without a safety net and don't plan on falling :)


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