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Beer Tasting - Sat 5 Nov

A sell out event saw SPINIFEX BREWING CO 
at the Grand and those that attended were suitably impressed.

Once we've had a large glass of water, pictures of the night will be posted up with a repeat performance soon. Make sure you're on our grand gang mailing list to know more.
There are some things we do well and there are things that we regularly leave people going - Omg!!

Halloween 2021 was one of those events It was a fancy dress affair with suitably themed decor, music, drinks and food to literally celebrate all things scary.

Get Halloween 2022 in the diary today.  Last Saturday in October....

Official opening 

After 1,998 days from settlement to official opening the Grand has finally opened its doors.  The Grand affair was attended by those on the mailing list, The Grand Gang with the very talented Angie Roe from Angie Roe Photography to capture the highlights.

Grand Ball - Arabian Nights

The Grand, Northam once again hosted the Northam Women in Business Fundraising Ball sponsored by Bendigo Bank on Saturday February 24th 2018.  

Filmed by Swifthound Films - highly recommended

Grand Ball under the Stars

The Grand, Northam hosted the Northam Women in Business Inaugural Fundraising Ball on Saturday March 18 2017.  It was a very swish affair with black tie and sequin frocks throughout the venue.

Filmed by Swifthound Films it captured the night beautifully.

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