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Chapter 2

When we left, the handsome Prince had just about completed the bar that was once a pub but was now called a bar for legal reasons (TWOAPBWNCABFLR).

Queen Esther was happy with the bar (TWOAPBWNCABFLR) and told people far and wide what a swell place it was.

The people were rejoicing

"Rejoice!" they shouted.

And said 'When can we come and see this bar that looks so great on Social Media but we have yet to set foot in. Queen Esther pondered this and sent for Sir Ken.

"Sir Ken, how can we please the people?" Said, Queen Esther.

"With Food and Ale my slave-driving Queen." said Sir Ken.

"Make it happen then Sir Ken, so that my subjects may feast upon the fat of the land and drink the golden nectar that is so-called 'James Squire'. But remember Sir Ken, I want the finest food, Wine and Ale. I want the finest Chef's in the land to prepare these feasts for my subjects." said Queen Esther

So Sir Ken forgot about resting after making the Bar the finest in the land. Putting his feet up and reading from the scribes just wasn't going to happen, for he had to find the Finest Chef in all the land, and also arrange deliveries of Food, Wine, and Ale before he could even think about that ski holiday in a Land Far Far Away.

Anyway, the plague was causing havoc with inter-kingdom travel so he would have to shelve that plan until all the kingdom's subjects were vaccinated.

All except the naysayers who thought the plague to be a politically motivated con job and the vaccine was actually developed by Merlin so he could track all the kingdom's subjects and target them with useless ads for things based on their spending habits. But that's another story.

So Sir Ken went to the Town Cryer to find a Chef. The Cryer told him of some great new innovations in getting the news out. They were FaceScribe, Ye old Gumtree, and Seek Thee. So Sir Ken used these services and toiled through many many applicants. Some of these applicants were from Kingdoms across the seas. Some wanted to become part of Sir Ken's kingdom and for him to bear the costs of the forms to make this happen. Sir Ken said, "Bugger thee off!!"

After many days and nights, Sir Ken found a person that looked like he would be the best Chef in the land and said "I think I've found a person that looks like the best Chef in the land."

The Chef came and met Sir Ken and Queen Esther at the bar (TWOAPBWNCABFLR) and said "I am the finest Chef in all the kingdoms and I can make a menu for you that will blow thy subjects away."

Sir Ken and Queen Esther said "Fair enough. You're hired"

Some time passed as the bar (TWOAPBWNCABFLR) went to the court for their final parchments that said they were the finest bar in the land and subjects could enter. When all the parchments were secured they asked the Chef to start making the Finest food in all the kingdom. The chef gave Sir Ken and Queen Esther a scroll with writing on it saying what he would prepare. Sir Ken and Queen Esther were a little confused as the chef from another kingdom far across the seas used different words, words that their subjects would not understand. So they said, "Chef, from another kingdom far across the seas, can you dumb this down a bit?"

The Chef said begrudgingly "OK, but........ Oh, OK"

Then Sir Ken perused the new food scroll and said "Yes chef from another kingdom far across the seas, this menu looks Grand. Just one thing. Can you add pancakes to the breakfast scroll so the small subjects have something to eat?"

The Chef (FAKFATS) said "Nay! That will make my scroll look like shit!"

Then Sir Ken said, "Please Chef (FAKFATS) do this one thing and all is Grand."

The Chef (FAKFATS) said "Nay! And because you've asked me more than once to do it and I've said nay I'm packing my saddlebags and heading back to my kingdom far across the seas." Blew a raspberry at Sir Ken and left. So in total, the Chef (FAKFATS) stayed for 1/12th of the sun-dials face. (That's an hour for all those non-sun-dial readers)

So Sir Ken broke the news to Queen Esther who was relieved because she said "He was a bit of a royal knob anyway"

So now Sir Ken is once again on a quest for The Greatest Chef in All the Land or just someone that can do a toasty because the subjects grow restless.

And the subjects can be heard calling to Queen Esther, "When oh Queen will you open?" and she said............

To be continued.............

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