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Once upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a pub that had fallen fast asleep. It had stayed asleep for almost 15 years! Then one day a handsome Prince rode past and said

"I can awaken that wonderful pub". So he set about renovating the sleeping pub.

He worked day and night. Toiled until his hands where blistered and bloodied. For he had a vision, a vision to make this the best pub in the kingdom!

After 5 long years and many pints of the Princes blood, the pub (now called a bar for legal reasons) was almost finished. He stood back and said

"This is a fine bar, which was once a pub but is now a bar for legal reasons. Dare I say, tis the finest bar in all the land! Come one, come all. Drink, Feast, for the bar which was a pub, but is now a bar is the finest in the land."

Then the people said

"When oh handsome Prince can we come and drink and feast in your bar that was once a pub but is now a bar?"

And the handsome Prince said

"I don't know, ask Queen Esther, I only work here."

And when did the bar that was once a pub but is now a bar for legal reasons open?

Well that's another story. 😁

The End

Author @kennym64

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It is with eager anticipation that the fair people of Northam await the time they may wine and dine in the pub that is now called a bar 😍

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