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Ken, Esther, Lily and Charlie are the owners of the Grand who have worked pretty hard to restore this beautiful building to its former glory. 

With significant experience in running events and hotels, Ken and Esther were excited to open 1, 995 days after the property settled.

Esther being so enthusiastic has thrown herself into community life here in Northam, joining the fabulous Northam Women in Business, was the Chief Enthusiasm Officer at the Northam Chamber of Commerce and volunteering  with various community Initiatives. 

Ken meanwhile works hard back at the Grand coordinating many minions, 2 of which are Lily and Charlie who are not really pulling their weight at the moment but need to get down to some serious painting and decorating in the school holidays.

This is Ruby  with Doughnut, one of her boys, half Lab, half Sharpei.

Ruby the Labrador

Oh, and this is Ruby as a puppy  . She's our beautiful Labrador and we think half polar bear. 

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